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  • Samuel J - The Power of Music

    Check out this wicked video including some of his projects from last year, showcasing his undeniable talents, collaborations, journeys, his “deep love affair with the acoustic guitar”...and of course Sam is showing some love for Kamikaze boarding wherever he goes!

  • Sunrise Festival 2013 with L.S.U and Kb Crew

    After an epic weekend at Sunrise Festival last week we can officially confirm the summer FUN has started with a whole lot of Love!

  • Goon Best Trick Jam 2013

    On the sunniest day of the year after two cancellations due to a wash out the Goon Best Trick Jam 2013 finally went ahead with a bang....

Welcome to Kamikaze boarding famous for our eco and ethical surf and skate clothing. We offer you a range of ethical boardwear including organic cotton surf and skate t-shirts made from organic cotton organic cotton skate and surf hoodies and bamboo skate decks. Plus our high quality surfboards.

We hope you like our ethical surf and skate clothing, happy riding!

James, Team Manager